Two Dark Birds Debut - Now Available On All Digi Platforms

Our debut came out ten years ago (seriously) and is finally available on all digi platforms. “Strange and beautiful... it’s a record best heard with a beer in hand beneath a star-punched sky” said Nylon Magazine and, judging by the below vid, I spent a lot of time under star-punched skies at the time.

Many thanks to the fantastic freaks who created & performed the album with me: Don Piper, Craig Schoen, Jason Mills, Matt Trowbridge, Joe Bennett, Dave Baine, Joe Pisapia, Charles Bissel, Len Small, Jude Webre, Ben Wildenhaus and Joel Hamilton. 


Crystals In The Earth Remix "Dear Whoever Whoever"

Crystals_in_the_Earth recently did a remix of our song "Dear Whoever Whoever." 

C.I.T.E. smashed the song apart and then picked up the crystalline shards and created a beautiful new sculpture out of it.  It's very rad and we encourage you to listen to it all the way through.

If you would like to support the artist by downloading and purchasing, check his BandCamp Page