Vfib Recordings 2017

Bow is a cycle of songs about openings and awakenings, about the spirit of nature and the nature of spirit.  Recorded in Woodstock, NY with Chris Maxwell, Bow was written and performed by Steve Koester with the assistance of a group of Catskill musicians, including Jeff Lipstein (Lia Ices), Josh Roy Brown, Marco Benevento, Carrie Bradley, Sibel Finn, Don Piper and Jason Mills.  Bow, the latest luminous and ambitious collection of poet-grade and quietly experimental folk music written by Steve Koester and performed by his loose assemblage of Catskill cronies. . . one begins to see the outline of a new, progressive Catskill sound of sorts. All hail!”  - HV1

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Songs for the new

Riot Bear Recordings 2011

Evokes the Catskill Mountains from whence it came and stands in the grand tradition of folk-rock from that area while doing something new with the form. A little mountain magnum opus. Recorded and produced by Steve Koester with Jason Mills and Don Piper in Brooklyn, NY.  Mixed by Joel Hamilton. Also featuring Jude Webre and Ben Wildenhaus. "You will hear the imprint of the broken-but-not-beaten American Bard, from Parsons and Van Zandt to Tweedy... at once folk-accessible and lit-deep... hits the mark again and again.” - Woodstock Times

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Two Dark birds

Vfib Recordings 2008

"America Soul" with traces of Neil Young’s "On the Beach," The Band’s "Music from Big Pink," and echoes of Dylan, Bill Withers, and the Meat Puppets. Recorded and produced by Steve Koester and Don Piper in Brooklyn, NY.  Mixed by Joel Hamilton.  Also featuring Matt Trowbridge, Charles Bissell, Dave Baine, and Joe Pisapia. “Strange and beautiful… It’s a record heard best with a beer in hand beneath a star-punched sky.“ - Nylon Magazine

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Vfib Recordings 2005/2019

The third and final album from Koester the Rock Band, “Losers, Weepers” is a sonic exploration of NYC in the early 21st Century. Big hooks, weird sounds, deep words, AOR airs, Moog magic. Slightly fried… Recorded in 2005, the album was produced by Alan Weatherhead at Sound of Music Studios in Richmond Va.

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