Koester "Losers , Weepers" at Long Last

A new album from Koester out today... Say what? 


Somewhere back in the aughts before Two Dark Birds, I made three albums under the name Koester, all recorded at Sound Of Music Recording Studios in Richmond VA with the magnificent Al Weatherhead producing and the very fine fellows in Maki (Tim Buckley, John Daniels & Miguel Rodriguez-Urbiztondo) making the rock. The first two -- OH! TURPENTINE and THE HIGH HIGHS, THE LOW LOWS -- were released by Pitch-A-Tent Records and well received -- lovely reviews, college radio top ten, tours with some fantastic bands, etc.

The third album, LOSER WEEPERS, however, got caught up in the weeds. There were some shenanigans with a distributor, some money issues, and, well, it didn't quite make it out into the world. Mind you, this was 2005, just before proper social media and easy digital distribution. I then got distracted by Maplewood tours, starting a family, moving to the country, a new band, a new life, etc... And, well, now it's 14 years later. Time doth fly, no?

I always loved this album and I'm extremely pleased to finally be able to offer it to your ears. It’s on all the major digital platforms.


PS - The first two Koester albums will be re-released soon. Stay tuned.